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Tuesday Sep 26, 2017

Nigel Owens warns all thirty players, as only Nigel Owens can do

Nigel Owens warns all thirty players, as only Nigel Owens can do

Referee Nigel Owens was the center of attention yet again this past weekend, as he brought all the Munster and Glasgow Warriors players in for a telling off. It’s not the first time we’ve seen him do that, as you’ll remember way back in 2010 he did the same thing with Leinster and Scarlets.

On this occassion he did so because tempers flared and he wanted to calm things down.

“That is totally unacceptable, is that clear?” the Welsh referee said.

It’s classic Owens, controlling the situation, but causing amusement at the same time.

While he is arguably the best referee in the world, what did you think of this?

credit: bbc scrum V


  •  weejockmcplop
    5:19 PM 03/11/2017

    Problem here was the Munster went out of their way to mix it with Glasgow. Too many cheap shots in the game by both sides that just watched up the aggression which was unnecessary. Nigel clearly had had enough off

  •  oldflyhalf
    3:32 PM 30/09/2017

    Yes, certainly, Jerome Graces ist a genuine rugby referee.

  •  jimmy23
    11:22 PM 27/09/2017

    I would normally agree that we don't watch games to see the ref, but considering we are seeing elements of "football-ness" sneaking into the game I'm okay if Nigel occasionally stamps it out by treating the players like school kids as a deterrent.

  •  45678
    9:57 PM 27/09/2017

    He's a good ref and doing some positive things outside the game, but there's a danger that he's believing his own hype and courting publicity. People don't watch games to see the referee

  •  oldflyhalf
    7:24 PM 27/09/2017

    ...probably Wayne Barnes or Romain Poite "the best refereeof the world"? :)

  •  im1
    9:50 AM 27/09/2017

    who is the best then?

  •  colombes
    9:29 AM 27/09/2017

    I'm not shy to repeat i'm not the biggest fan of Owens. I like his way to often recall some rugby values on the pitch, but that doesn't make him "the best referee of the world". the most popular, yes.

  •  drg
    10:13 PM 26/09/2017

    It's weird because the more of a deal this gets made and the more of a media storm or party that follows Owens, the more cringey this has the potential of becoming when frankly it's a top job... I didn't see the match, but clearly he felt 15v15 was in the balance and that he'd rather not be the referee to give someone a red telling everyone to put on their big boy pants and grow up is a nice touch...every single person on that pitch knows the score now... I'd rather this than a couple forwards getting a warning then some back 10 mins later getting a red card for something fairly innocuous because the referee was having a semi-shit game regarding player behaviour...

  •  able2train
    5:52 PM 26/09/2017

    The players need to show the high standard of respect to Refs, as they were all educated in as far back as primary school ... he is a great Ref with humour, humility & empathy. He is great at communicating with the players & is happy to make the big calls, without video ref.


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