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Sunday Mar 5, 2017

Nigel Owens with another first as he sinbins a ball boy!

Nigel Owens with another first as he sinbins a ball boy!

We’ve seen it all now. In the Pro12 match between Leinster and Scarlets, much loved referee Nigel Owens got hit in the back by the ball when an overeager ball boy tossed it back into play. Always seeing the funny side of things, Owen’s whipped out his yellow card.

After the game Owens, widely recognised as the best referee in the world, tweeted about the amusing moment and said that he will be happy to send his match jersey to the ball boy.

Contact was made, and he later said that the – washed – jersey will be on it’s way shortly.

Brilliant. Just another great moment from the Welshman. See more in our Related Posts


  • hoot
    8:21 AM 10/03/2017

    Made me laugh out loud on the train! Embarrassing.

  • drg
    5:50 PM 07/03/2017

    To be fair, Nigel Owens is a world class referee. On face value it doesn't seem comparable to a players jersey, but reality is, Nigel is a top referee.... it's a brilliant gesture...

  • dancarter
    5:40 PM 07/03/2017

    Not the greatest present of all time but it might be worth a few quid in years to come.

  • ronan
    9:25 PM 06/03/2017

    every kids dream..... a second hand refs jersey....

  • danknapp
    7:41 PM 06/03/2017

    Hope he gets 12 weeks.

  • jimmy23
    11:15 AM 06/03/2017

    Ball boy was probably French ;)

  • 9:09 AM 06/03/2017

    Nigel Owens, the most entertaining ref ever, and one of the best... Except when refering France ;)


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