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Monday May 9, 2016

Referee checks TMO twice for Chris Henry's controversial try

Referee checks TMO twice for Chris Henry's controversial try

Ulster sealed their place in the Guinness PRO12 Semi Finals for the fourth consecutive year following a crucial bonus point try scored by Ireland flanker Chris Henry. It was anything but a clear cut decision however, with the referee turning to his TMO twice to confirm it.

Henry snuck through the bottom of a ruck, and as there is no offside line over the tryline, he was able to do that without being penalised. It wasn’t that simple though.

The grounding was checked, but then after replays were shown around the stadium and the crowd kicked up a fuss, as well as Ospreys’ Dan Biggar, the referee felt compelled to check yet again.

Veteran referee Derek Bevan confirmed that the ball was grounded correctly, and the try stood, much to the dismay of scrumhalf Rhys Webb, who probably should have controlled things better. 

“You take those ones, I guess. I thought I had control of the ball and it has happened to us a few times and the ball has just rolled over the try line and obviously it is open play then,” said Henry.

“You definitely take it and I don’t think I have scored an easier one.”

Ulster won the game 46-26 and will face Leinster in the semi final on May 20th.

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credit: the UAFC


  • stroudos
    11:31 PM 10/05/2016

    - Sir, I think there's another camera angle that proves that the try shouldn't be awarded! - Oh, are you the captain now? I didn't see your original skipper leave the field, he should have made that clear to me. - Well, I'm not the captain Sir, it's just that if you look aga... - *Turns back and walks away nonchalantly*

  • drg
    11:25 PM 10/05/2016

    Does your computer come with speakers?

  • jimmy23
    8:24 PM 09/05/2016

    I'd have liked to seen Biggar try it with Nigel Owens.

  • drg
    7:00 PM 09/05/2016

    Try stands and penalty restart against Biggar for arguing with the referee..... Or alternatively, Try awarded, Biggar argues, Try overruled, Best argues, Try reawarded, Biggar argues, try overruled, Bes....... you see how this goes....

  • welshosprey
    6:23 PM 09/05/2016

    Just shows how pathetically reffed the Pro 12 is. Biggar wasn't even captain and he influenced Mitrea far too easily with a bit of pressure.

  • dancarter
    5:29 PM 09/05/2016

    Biggar shouldn't approach the referee once the decision has been made to award the try and Jackson is preparing to take the conversion, and equally the ref should have told Biggar where to go and not gone back to the TMO.


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