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Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Rugby World Cup Daily - Player numbers around the world

Rugby World Cup Daily - Player numbers around the world

After a few days break, we’re heading into the next round of the World Cup, as three games take place in New Zealand tomorrow. The latest Rugby World Cup Daily show catches up with some of the teams, and previews the games.

As yet there have been no major upsets, but the so called minnows have all performed well, proving that great progress is being made in those countries. As if often the case, when they’re able to get their best players together and find some continuity as a squad, they’re able to put up a good fight.

Japan, Namibia, Romania, and the USA have all put in strong first half performances and in some cases, really tested the opposition. Neutrals will be hoping to see more of the same tomorrow as Namibia, Canada, and Georgia take to the park. For the latter two, it’s their first game of the tournament.

Samoa play Namibia in what you’d think will be a brutally physical contest, but you’d pick the Samoans to come out on top with their experience and strike power out wide. Tonga against Canada will be an interesting one, but the same applies, and the Tongan might should be too much for Canada’s fight. Once again, massive physical contest, and those Cannucks won’t back down.

In fact all three games come in similar moulds, as Georgia will throw themselves about the park against Scotland too, so that game will be worth watching. You’d Scotland won’t have too much trouble with them, although stranger things have happened. Remember Ireland in 2007?

In today’s RWC Daily show a lot of emphasis us put on the smaller nations, with some interesting insight from the Namibian camp. Now is as good a time as ever to share this great infographic with you, created by the talented guys at Ruggerblogger, using IRB Stats as reference.

As explained on their website, the large circle for each nation is the Total Number of Registered Rugby Players (TRP) in that country, men, women, boys and girls. Each large circle has a smaller circle inside it, in proportion, and that represents how many of those players are Senior Males (SM).

Have a look  at the graphic above and video below, and feel free to share your thoughts as a comment about either, both, or your predictions for the next round of matches. If you haven’t registered an account on here yet (for quickfire commenting and a profile), you can do so now quickly on the Register page.


  •  rodofle
    11:21 PM 15/09/2011

    Well done JR, interesting stuff too

  •  rugbydump
    4:44 PM 15/09/2011

    It says on the graphic that no info was available for Argentina on the IRB website.

  •  liamjoyce
    9:53 AM 14/09/2011

    Am i right in thinking that this is registered in THAT country, so for example a Georgian Senior male playing his rugby in France would be registered in France rather than Georgia??

  •  kidblue
    2:08 AM 14/09/2011

    wheres argentina

  •  fac1990
    12:56 AM 14/09/2011

    what about Argentina? it's not in the graph!

  • 9:28 PM 13/09/2011

    What about Argentina? Looking at the Irb site, they seemingly have no registered players????

  • 9:01 PM 13/09/2011

    That's crazy - I never knew Georgia had less than 1,000 adult male rugby players, considering how many of them play for top sides in France.

  • 8:48 PM 13/09/2011

    I think it's proportionally. Looks a little off though, at first glance. What should be added in here as it's an important stat, is that over 800,000 of the English numbers are pre-teen males, in other words full schools registering with Rugby clubs even if half of them never play past the age of 12. Then you have 1.6mil teens, again these would be guys signed up for Rugby in their respective schools, even if they never make it past the 5th choice team of the school. I'd like to see a graph showing senior males, and the proportion of those males that are professional players. Would give a better insight into rugby levels. Always a know it all boring cunt throwing in his 2 cents eh? ;) US and Japan have surprising numbers in there.

  •  downwithdropgoals
    8:40 PM 13/09/2011

    @JBirch i think the size of the circle is representative of the total amount of players and the inner circle is the senior players as a percentage of the total.


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