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Tuesday Jun 9, 2015

Sergio Parisse brilliant inside flick sets up try for victorious Stade Francais

Sergio Parisse brilliant inside flick sets up try for victorious Stade Francais

Toulon’s fantastic run of success came to a sudden halt as Stade Francais knocked them out of the Top 14 with a 33-16 Semi Final victory this past weekend. Leading from the front was Sergio Parisse, who produced a sensational pass for their first try of the game.

Stade Francais upset the script as they stunned the defending French and European Champions, scoring three tries to the solitary effort of the men in red. They will face Clermont, who beat Toulouse 18-14, in the final this coming weekend.

It was actually the third time that Stade have beaten Toulon this season, the latter having topped the table, but it was a sad farewell for those veterans that will be hanging up their boots, namely Bakkies Botha, Ali Williams and Carl Hayman.

Chris Masoe, who bleached his hair in honour of Jerry Collins, is also moving on.

The try of the match was all about the Italian maestro though, as Parisse got the ball out wide and instead of having a go, realised two players were closing him down, so instinct took over.

The behind the back inside flick for Raphaël Lakafia was perfectly executed, and beautiful to watch, with inspirational Parisse at his skillful best.

As he said in the recent video we featured on The Art of Number Eight, “I don’t think I have the number eight on my jersey.. I just try to play rugby, play the situation.”

Drew Mitchell and Antoine Burban both scored excellent tries, before Mitchell handed Julien Dupuy a gift that somewhat boosted the final score. View the match highlights


  • rugbydump
    10:23 AM 11/06/2015

    Maybe I know more than you realise ;)

  • eddie-g
    3:52 PM 10/06/2015

    Yup, he plays the game in a way that makes us olds feel nostalgic.

  • eddie-g
    3:51 PM 10/06/2015

    He's a helluva player. I actually tend to think of him as an all-action #8, always in the thick of it and making an impact - quite traditional in that sense; but he can produce some off-the-cuff magic like this too. Deserves to win some big club silverware, because unfortunately it won't happen on the international stage.

  • colombes
    1:15 PM 10/06/2015

    Parisse, duke of Paris Ps: RD, it's Antoine Burban, not Bourban.. even if he may drinked some bourbon afterwards.

  • drg
    8:26 AM 10/06/2015

    + 1

  • elvis15
    5:14 AM 10/06/2015

    I tried that in touch last Thursday and it didn't come off quite the same for some reason... But that was fantastic!

  • 1:55 AM 10/06/2015

    Brilliant and necessary as the defenders cut off his passing lane, great one handed catch too. He's trying these often when unnecessary. Mainly because I think he gets bored lol

  • stroudos
    11:07 PM 09/06/2015

    Dreadful commentators. Dear God. Lovely bit of skill from Parisse. Also that's a rudely long pass for a prop to be throwing, especially if he's right-handed - looked a mile forward to me on the first (overhead) view, but flattish on the replays. Call me a boring old bar steward but I enjoyed the muted celebration from Parisse almost as much as the pass itself. Old school, real rugby player.

  • reality
    8:12 PM 09/06/2015

    If he had been born in New Zealand we'd be looking at the man regarded as the best player of the 21st century so far. Superb, as always.


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