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Wednesday Jun 10, 2015

Special edition of Smashed 'Em Bro featuring Jerry Collins

Special edition of Smashed 'Em Bro featuring Jerry Collins

There’s no doubting the fact that Jerry Collins was one of the hardest hitting rugby players of the professional, or perhaps any, era. Often on the borderline of legal, and sometimes stepping over that line, Collins was the All Blacks and Hurricanes ‘enforcer’ for years.

He famously knocked out Colin Charvis of Wales in 2003, and damaged a few others too. The man was uncompromising, and fans loved him for it.

Here is a quick edition of the Crowd Goes Wild’s Smashed Em Bro, featuring all Jerry. RIP


  • kh1994
    12:41 AM 06/06/2020

    Very nice hits, shame half of them were/should have been penalties.0:53 - completely illegal, you can even see he puts effort on going as high as he can because he is short and he is tackling a lock.1:04 - completely illegal, he saw way before the player never catches the ball and on top of that goes super high on purpose, not cool.1:15 - again really high on purpose and knocking the guy unconscious.All other were good and valid hits. Chabal one at the begining didn't bug Chabal too much tho.


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