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Wednesday Feb 7, 2018

Suspension avoided despite this bad case of Faf de Klerk petulance

Suspension avoided despite this bad case of Faf de Klerk petulance

Sale Sharks scrumhalf Faf de Klerk received a fairly out of the ordinary sending off in Friday night’s Anglo Welsh Cup clash with Scarlets. He has, however, managed to avoid a suspension. 

Former Springbok De Klerk received a yellow card for a professional foul in the 60th minute, but as he was leaving the field, he intercepted the match ball before tossing it away, therefore slowing down play. 

It was a lovely pass, but the referee was having none of it and well within his rights, he issued the speedy number nine a second yellow card, thus resulting in a red. 

It was a strange situation, considering there are multiple match balls being used throughout the match, and play had obviously stopped due to the first yellow card. The petulance was clearly unappreciated though, so De Klerk had to walk. 

Due to the two yellow cards being issued for technical offences, and not foul play, the charges against him were effectively dropped, and the red card was viewed as sufficient.

“The sanction table set out at Appendix 1 to RFU Regulation 19 determines that the sanction for two yellow cards (where both are given for a technical offence), a sending off is sufficient.”

So he avoids a suspension as is free to play immediately. 

With De Klerk missing for just twenty minutes, Sale Sharks were not too troubled and went on to defeat the Scarlets team 45-18. 


  • drg
    12:03 AM 19/02/2018

    Maybe the referee had a date???

  • pgrugby
    10:17 PM 13/02/2018

    I have to agree. Initially on reading the headline I thought the referee got it right, but watching it, it does appear that the opposition almost passed him the ball. It didn't interfere with the game in anyway and while it was petulance, I don't think it was another yellow card. Interesting that De Klerk seems to accept the second yellow without any complaint at the end of the clip. Simply a quick nod as if thinking to himself, "That was stupid, I shouldn't have done that...: even less of a reaction that to the first yellow card he got where he's waving his arms in complaint.

  • rugbydump
    9:03 AM 13/02/2018

    He's not the only one annoyed by that!

  • dancarter
    12:23 PM 12/02/2018

    Probably just annoyed he's gone from being the starting Springboks scrum-half to making 350 mile round trips to play in the Anglo-Welsh Cup.

  • ruckinmaul
    4:35 AM 09/02/2018

    I don't know about this being unsportmanship. There are other things yes, such as tossing the ball away to prevent quick lineout. But this? 1. The clock had been stopped. 2. There is no chance for a quick tap. 3. There are multiple balls out there or perhaps even closer to the penalty spot. 4. The penalty spot is 50 meters from the point de Klerk throw away the balls. The referee overreact.

  • andinov
    8:36 PM 08/02/2018

    Benefit will come from letting the rest of league know that referees are willing to punish poor sportsmanship and hopefully discourage it from happening elsewhere

  • katman
    12:47 PM 08/02/2018

    New tactic going forward: Pass the ball to an opposition player who has just been penalised or carded and is clearly not happy with the decision. You'll have better than 50/50 odds of him tossing it away and being summarily re-carded.

  • drg
    11:04 PM 07/02/2018

    60 min cards means his missed 20 mins....idk, whole thing seems kind of 2 yellow cards to me, so seems fitting..


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