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Tuesday Nov 1, 2016

The Top 5 Biggest Hits of the Year

The Top 5 Biggest Hits of the Year

The Other Rugby Show on Fox Sports recently revealed their Top 5 picks for the Biggest Hits of the Year, in what was their final show of the season. They are all must-see tackles, most of which you might have enjoyed on here before (see Related Posts), but all well worth watching again.

One is from an Englishman, one a Fijian powerhouse and the rest Australians.

Of course there are still two months left in the year, so we’re sure to see more outstanding hits to come, but this is just their list so far. Hopefully we can add to it before 2017 rolls around.

View more cracking tackles, both legal and otherwise, in our Big Hits section


  • jonnyenglish
    5:03 PM 27/11/2016

    Wait were Pococks feet on the ground..?


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