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Monday Oct 7, 2013

The Wallabies run riot in Rosario with big win over Argentina

The Wallabies run riot in Rosario with big win over Argentina

The Wallabies surprised everyone by running riot in Rosario, beating Argentina 54-17 to keep Los Pumas winless in the Rugby Championship. Israel Folau scored a hat-trick as Ewen McKenzie’s chargers restored some pride after a disappointing few months.

Australia would have dropped to sixth on the IRB World Rankings if they’d lost this one, but an impressive performance away from home helped McKenzie avoid becoming the first Wallabies coach to pick up a Rugby Championship wooden spoon.

It was their biggest victory over Argentina in 21 Tests, since they first met in 1979.

Fullback Folau picked up three tries and contributed to a few others as the visitors found gaps in the hosts’ defence, with Joe Tomane also looking good with ball in hand.

“It’s a real confidence booster for us. We’re very, very happy with the result,” said captain James Horwill. “We’ve been working very hard and it’s good to see some of the things we’ve been working on come off. We’re really pleased to get the result, especially over here in Rosario.”

Felipe Contepomi made his farewell after a record 87 Test caps and 651 points, but it wasn’t a game he will remember fondly after being hit off the ball by Rob Simmons, who was yellow carded.

“Congratulations to Australia, they came here against the wall and they played great rugby,” said Argentina captain Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe.

The Wallabies have one more big challenge before their overseas tour, as they travel to Dunedin to take on the All Blacks in the final Bledisloe Cup Test in two weeks time.


  • viennacelt13
    10:34 PM 09/10/2013

    I hope you're just kidding

  • 8:22 PM 09/10/2013

    you are from canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you can not talk about rugby

  • flanker2712
    3:07 PM 08/10/2013

    I think the Argentines have a lot to be proud of over the course of their first two years playing in the tournament. They may be winless, but there have been some very close games (including a draw) and some games where maybe a slightly different mentality or game strategy could have ended in a different result. It's obvious that up against these three other teams, they will be exposed from time to time, as was the case at the weekend. A lot of people were expecting their first win, but the team didn't show up... is it a case of preferring the underdog role?

  • addisg94
    11:28 AM 08/10/2013

    Great attacking work from Folau but his defensive frailties at full back showed with the pumas try, he should have made the covering tackle. Ashley-Cooper should be at full back with Folau on the wing

  • flacointheus
    7:05 AM 08/10/2013

    Well said flanker2712. I agree with your comments. I feel this game in particular was a humbling experience for the Pumas and argentinians rugby fans like myself. We still have a lot of work to do, the argentinian rugby union, the players, the fans. I'm still proud of the team though, I think that all thinks considered the Pumas played well both games against the All Blacks and also the second game against the Springboks and the first one against Australia. I'm also glad that apparently those kids with lasers learned how to behave during a rugby game. It's an honor to be part of TRC and I'm looking forward to next year's tournament. Cheers!

  • 3:44 AM 08/10/2013

    Pumas are winless, this was a big opportunity for them. But give the ozzies credit, their back line was outstanding. To be honest, I thought tomane outshone falau, who was great but really basically finished off plays made by others. Not sure if the pumas have the depth to compete at this level. They seem to lack finishers in the back three and a really solid ten. But here's hoping they really improve. I bet the ozzies give the all blacks a bit of a run next wkd. Quades playing within the team gameplan, Israel is a game breaker, tomane looks good, genia back at his dominant best, good backrow, strong dirty locks, questions at prop and in the centers.

  • drg
    2:06 AM 08/10/2013

    This tournament has to be a shame from the Argentine point of view, they seemed to show so much promise in the last tournament (I believe they even claimed a scalp? or two?) but this latest demonstration shows that they still have a way to go. I have to say I'm disappointed with ****SOME**** of their fans, as far as they laser pointers go. Seems that the country is still predominantly soccer orientated. I'm sure in time they'll improve (fans and the team) and I hope that this tournament was just a blip on an apparent upward trend.

  • flanker2712
    12:19 AM 08/10/2013

    Having watched the entire game, I'd tend to agree that Argentina played crap (and they'd probably not take too much offence at that statement). It's always difficult to gauge how much one team's crapness is a direct result of the other team's performance levels, but my overall impression after this game was that Argentina made it difficult for themselves. I have not seen the official statistics for the game so may be wrong, but it seemed like they missed an extraordinary number of tackles and were guilty of lots of handling errors in attack. The highlight reel doesn't show it, but a number of the Aussie tries came immediately after the Argies were in promising attacking positions and contrived to knock on or throw a loose pass - within one or two phases, the Aussies had scored.

  • hendogo
    12:09 AM 08/10/2013

    A bad team beating a worst one.

  • reality
    11:39 PM 07/10/2013

    I love the way Folau throws the ball away in triumph when he scores but on the second one it bounces back into him and on the third he ends up hitting himself in the head. I wonder though have the Wallabies turned a corner or were Argentina just crap. I suppose a bit of both, although I'm more inclined to think it's the latter. Argentina seem to be overtaking France as the enigma team of international rugby.

  • skay2k
    10:58 PM 07/10/2013

    Good to see the Aussies put in a performance. On a side note, the Australian commentators are unbearable.

  • stroudos
    3:20 PM 07/10/2013

    First half highlights = the Israel Folau Show. Bloke seemed to be everywhere!


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