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Tuesday Mar 1, 2016

True Grit: The David Pocock Story - Part 2

True Grit: The David Pocock Story - Part 2

Last week we shared part one of this fascinating David Pocock documentary that gives us a look into the complex life of the Wallaby star who, along with his family, was practically forced to pack up and leave Zimbabwe almost 15 years ago. Above is part two, completing the series.

In part one we learnt about David’s life back in Zimbabwe and the dramatic events that shaped his future, while in this part we get to see what life was like for him in his new home of Australia, and how an extreme work ethic got him to where he is today.

After making his Test debut aged just 20, Pocock then set out to ‘Be the change you want to see’, giving back with charitable work in Africa, fighting for LGBT rights and even getting arrested when taking part in a non-violent protest against the expansion of a coal mine in a state forest.

On the rugby field he continues to dominate, and this next part of the documentary will show you exactly why, and give you a good insight into what makes the man tick.

Note: The first three minutes were recorded with the tv info overlay but it is fine after that

– Watch Part 1

Below is a photo of the Rhinos he got up close and personal with when in Zimbabwe


  • xenophile
    10:43 PM 02/03/2016

    What an absolute class act. He is the best example of what rugby is all about to me. Sharing tough moments with your team and opponents and being candid about it, showing full commitment, and being gracious in victory and defeat. Moreover, he stands up for what matters to him regardless of potential consequence - something many of us could learn from.

  • i_bleed_green_and_gold
    1:08 AM 02/03/2016

    This guy.. a monster on the field. A true gent off it. Can't help but like the guy. Even if he went to the aussies.

  • danknapp
    11:35 PM 01/03/2016

    I won't lie, I watched this second part hoping this would be the one where he was revealed to be a complete and utter bellend. I'm disgustingly disappointed.


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