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Thursday Feb 5, 2015

Try Savers and Rib Breakers 13

Try Savers and Rib Breakers 13

Our beloved big tackles series was quietly and unofficially retired after the last world cup. With so many compilations out there, we didn’t think it was necessary. Well, we’ve changed our minds. Try Savers and Rib Breakers is back and here to stay.

For Try Savers and Rib Breakers 13, we’ve hunted down the best clips in every competition from the Top 14 to the Rugby Championship, and from the Shute Shield to the Aviva Premiership. We even dusted off a few oldies (keep an eye out for a young Tana Umaga chasing down Caleb Ralph).

The usual suspects leave their mark; Tameifuna, Ferris, Chabal, Ranger, Manoa, Tuilagi. You will also notice a nod to a few legends of our game, with brilliant try-savers from Brian O’Driscoll, Shane Williams, and Chris Patterson as well.

We’d like to think that MOST of the tackles are 100% legal and technically sound, but this is TSRB after all, so we’re focusing on huge, spine-tingling impacts as well as brilliant try saving efforts.

So sit back, relax, and as you prepare for what we hope is a thrilling Six Nations and Super Rugby season, enjoy some of the greatest tackles from all over the rugby world in the past few years. We’ve also thrown in a free mass-building training manual that you can download below the video.

Credit to all the relevant tv companies, and Rev Theory for the music. In Germany? View it here

Next week RugbyDump will be launching our position-specific training manuals for High Intensity Rugby Training. As part of the launch, we’re giving away this free mass-building manual. Our mate Kevin Shattock will be back early next week with some more training goodies and the full position-specific workouts!

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  • armchairrugby
    11:46 PM 08/02/2015

    I finally get to comment on the series that brought me to this website! Thank you for posting RD, this compilations are always immense and worth more than one watch. KEEP 'EM COMING!

  • marty
    2:46 PM 06/02/2015

    totally agree, wow these women's tackles are quite massive! Just like the last quote from the video.

  • 1012
    10:11 AM 06/02/2015

    Nice compilation and I'm glad to see a clip from the woman's game because they have some monstrous hits!

  • 1:53 AM 06/02/2015

    Well done, good on you yo pick legal, safe tackles

  • jimmy23
    9:06 PM 05/02/2015

    I know how you feel, hard to believe it was 7 years ago when I was first brought to this page by TSRB.

  • 8:34 PM 05/02/2015

    I remember as a boy coming to this site and watching the others back to back. Now as a man I will spend the next couple of hours doing the same. Thanks RD!

  • guy
    7:24 PM 05/02/2015

    'So sit back, relax...' Well, that's just impossible after having to watch this video twice in a row. Still the best far. Thanks RD.

  • colombes
    6:59 PM 05/02/2015

    Classic video, like always. I just had a look to your muscle program but as a tiny scrum-half, i'll finally opt for 'the double bacon method" followed by some rugby and cycling sessions to eliminate and compensate the whole thing, hm..

  • mise
    6:07 PM 05/02/2015

    ahh yes. Kept wantin got pause and rewind but resisted and went all the way through. Great stuff. One to watch again and again .Really enjoyed the try savers this time actually - so many so unexpected. That 2 tackles in Now, to watch once more....

  • 10stonenumber10
    5:59 PM 05/02/2015

    Lucky Number 13. Well played RD, a worthy (if belated) addition to the legendary series!

  • bnations
    5:45 PM 05/02/2015

    "Spiritually, it's battering" What a great quote!

  • ronan
    5:19 PM 05/02/2015

    I f*ckin love rugby...... And RD. xxxxx

  • jimmy23
    5:00 PM 05/02/2015

    *screams like a giddy school girl

  • stroudos
    4:48 PM 05/02/2015

    The original and still the best!!! :)


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