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Monday Mar 11, 2013

Wales' Championship hopes still alive after gritty win over Scotland

Wales' Championship hopes still alive after gritty win over Scotland

Wales beat Scotland 28-18 at Murrayfield on Saturday in what could possibly be described as a game for the purists. The victory keeps Wales’ hopes alive of achieving a Six Nations title, with the decider to be played in Cardiff next week. 

The 2012 winners have bounced back well after losing their opening game against Ireland, and now have to beat England by just eight points next weekend to retain their title.

Hooker Richard Hibbard scored the only try of the game while fullback Leigh Halfpenny kicked the conversion and seven penalties for Wales. 

Defense coach Shaun Edwards has said that while his team has a lot of experience to call upon, unbeaten England will ultimately be favourites to claim the Grand Slam at the Millennium Stadium.

“Everybody in our team has played in a Grand Slam game, a lot have played in two and some have even played in three Grand Slam games.

“We have played in a World Cup semi-final and I am really hoping that that experience will really help us come Saturday,” said Edwards, who says that England took a lot from their victory over the All Blacks late last year.

“They are well aware there is a lot of expectation and a lot of pressure on them. England haven’t had a Grand Slam for ten years, which is a long time, but we are concentrating on ourselves.

“I really hope that experience of being in big games before will help us.”

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  • felipeg
    2:05 PM 13/03/2013

    Agreed. Joubert was ludicrious. After a scrum collapsed, he seem to be wondering "hhmm who's fault could it be?", waiting with his whistle in his hand, not knowing what to do. Legal fool. Then a scottish player say something and Voila! penalty vs Wales. No hard feeling Vs Scotland, sometimes it was just the opposite. I dont think Joubert was biased. And maybe that was the problem: he couldnt tell the good guyz from the bad guyz, having no prejudice. so he was lost and erratic. unbelievable. I was impressed by Scotland's ability to resist. The welsh domination was overwhelming but still, mainly thanks to their boot, Scotland did a great job. If France doesnt make too many mistakes they should crush Scotland. But that'as a big "IF".

  • 07015678
    10:23 PM 12/03/2013

    Yes, Craig Joubert. Apparently he broke some kind of record for the number of penalties issued in a match. It was so boring to watch and the game never got flowing. Something really has to change with the ways we play and refs ref in NH internationals.

  • benjaj
    7:55 PM 12/03/2013

    Let me guess... Craig Joubert?

  • 07015678
    4:52 PM 12/03/2013

    That ref was a joke. Soooo many penalties. It's just a game of who gets pinged the most these days. Rubbish as a spectator.


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Wales' Championship hopes still alive after gritty win over Scotland | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos