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Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

Waratah Tom Carter's antics against the Reds

Waratah Tom Carter's antics against the Reds

A quick look at Tom Carter’s behaviour during the Waratahs vs Reds game in Super Rugby 2012

Song: Peter Bjorn and John – Lay it Down


  •  spencah
    9:34 AM 02/03/2012

    Need to watch your consistency here guys. You cant be asking people to avoid bad language on posts and then put this up with swearing right the way through it, even if you didn't make it you posted it, therefore you condone it...

  •  rugbydump
    3:25 PM 01/03/2012

    The video wasn't made by RD, just to clear that up.

  •  tex15
    1:42 PM 01/03/2012

    Got to agree with Full Back (great position btw!) bit disappointed with RD for this. In the past couple weeks a couple of Scotland players (Nick de Luca and Rory Lamont) had to close down their twitter accounts due to abuse. Yes sometimes as players we can all get a bit overenthusiastic, be that by making an early tackle or celebrating a bit prematurely. Yes we deserve if someone does this the deserve to be criticised, but not to such a degree that it becomes bullying and very personal. I always thought this was something that belonged in the realm of football and that as rugby fans we were more civil and mature than this (but just as passionate!).

  • 9:06 PM 29/02/2012

    OTT comes to mind RD, not quite what I've come to expect here


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