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Sunday Jul 19, 2020

WATCH: Hamilton lands one of the biggest punches in Premiership history

WATCH: Hamilton lands one of the biggest punches in Premiership history

In 2012 Scottish international Jim Hamilton and London Irish hooker David Paice were suspended for seven weeks after a huge punch up in a Premiership clash.

Hamilton instigated the fight by pushing Paice from behind during open play and the hooker then chased after the Scottish lock, grabbed hold of him and swung the first punch.

The 6ft 8” Gloucester enforcer lost it and threw a series of heavy blows which sparked handbags from both sides in the centre of the pitch at the Madejski Stadium.

The situation diffused and the two players were shown yellow cards, but as they walked towards the touchline Paice passed a comment to Hamilton which tipped him over the edge. He grabbed Paice by the collar and threw a brutal right right hook which connected with his face.

This led to a mass brawl at the side of the pitch with players from both sides swinging wildly as the match officials desperately tried to calm things down.

Paice was eventually helped down the tunnel by a teammate covered in blood, but was later recalled to the touchline by the referee who upgraded the pair’s punishments to a red card each.


  • franciscorrigan
    12:05 PM 22/07/2020

    I was at that game and throughout, Hamilton was taking every opportunity for cheap shots. In the film you will see one at the first ruck and then a little later he puts a cowardly hit into the back of Paice, which knocks him to the ground and was the start of the whole incident. Used to see a lot of that sort of thing in the Premiership before the TMOs started to look out for foul play off the ball. Ten years or so on from that match, nowadays Hamilton would probably have been in the bin for the hit from the side of the ruck and the whole incident would not have occurred. Most of the talentless bullies have been weeded out of Prem rugby now. There's a big difference between plaing hard and fair and the blatant thuggery that some players used to get away with.


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