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Monday Dec 11, 2017

Alivereti Raka almost single-handedly destroys Saracens

Alivereti Raka almost single-handedly destroys Saracens

Clermont’s Fijian winger Alivereti Raka went to town against Saracens, scoring a hat-trick in the first 25 minutes of last night’s clash. Raka wasn’t done with that, however, and assisted in a brilliant try to Flip van der Merwe.

Playing with a grim determination, that perhaps came from being kept in a hotel the day before, the visitors blew the doors off with an impressive 46-14 victory.

Raka was set up nicely by Wesley Fofana for his first try just after 12 minutes. The second came eight minutes later from five metres out. The third came shortly after off a nice dummy and assist from Morgan Parra. 

An amazing run through the Saracens defence just after half-time set up Van der Merwe for the outstanding try of the match. 

Saracens are in unfamiliar territory with a loss this convincing. Their defence certainly looked like that of a team beaten in their last six matches.

Not all talking points came from the match. One was the fact that the fixture had to be moved to Monday due to hazardous conditions at Allianz Park. Further, it was initially to be played behind closed doors, then that was changed to allow fans in the park.

In rather dramatic fashion, Clermont – who already had revenge on their minds – had no issue whatsover voicing their extreme displeasure with the circumstances surrounding the move.

According to their website, the French club were: “Very annoyed by this completely absurd situation with multiple twists and turns… all at the expense of the sports preparation of the players and ‘having fun’ with our fans as with vulgar toys.”

Maybe Clermont should consider requesting last-minute changes in the future as a new winning strategy. It seemed to work significantly in their favour this time around.  

Credit: ytnub nam/David Rogers


  • hoot
    9:23 AM 13/12/2017

    Comment from post: "Very annoyed by this completely absurd situation with multiple twists and turns... all at the expense of the sports preparation of the players and 'having fun' with our fans as with vulgar toys." That's either the work of Google translate or Clermont have a very weird Communications Officer.

  • mise
    12:40 AM 13/12/2017

    some form Raka showed there - wow. That last try.

  • colombes
    7:19 PM 12/12/2017

    The problem is not a question of security, the major point was a problem of communication towards the jaunards fans and especially Clermont club who was't invited in the negotiations process between Saracens and ERCC. Clermont, for example, discovered the rescheduled match was postponed for the 2nd time, just 1h before... Not even speaking about the Harlequins-Ulster played without an orange ball, the ERCC lack of professionalism was appalling this weekend.

  • im1
    6:14 PM 12/12/2017

    I'm not a fan of Sarries but I don't think there was much disrespect there. The ground is little more than an artificial pitch, a running track and some temporary stands. I don't know the details of what happened but it looks like; 1.they postponed the game because they didn't think the ground was safe due to the weather, 2. then realised that they would need to play it quickly and the weather was unlikely to get any better so would have to play without fans and 3. somehow managed to get it sign-off as safe for the fans to watch the game. Its a shame that travelling Clermont fans who could not stay until the Monday had to miss out, but the reaction would have been far worse if a Clermont fan had been injured due to the ground not being safe.

  • colombes
    8:03 AM 12/12/2017

    Thats what happen when you disrespect a club, players and fans.


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