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Thursday Jan 25, 2018

Epic 2018 Six Nations trailer drops with one week to go

Epic 2018 Six Nations trailer drops with one week to go

The 2018 Six Nations tournament is finally just over the horizon and this epic preview trailer has been posted just in time to whet the appetites of all those fans who, for the next week, will be thinking of little else.

Questions abound for every team. Chief among them is injuries. The list of key players that will be side-lined continues to grow by the day with Wales perhaps feeling this more than most.

Can Italy finally get out of the cellar under Conor O’Shea’s direction?
Can Scotland make a genuine run at the title?
Will Ireland have what it takes to end England’s bid for their third title in a row?
And which France will show up?

Opening Weekend Fixtures:

3 February 2018
Wales v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm
France v Ireland, Saturday 4.45pm
4 February 2018
Italy v England, Sunday 3.00pm

No doubt it’s going to be a dramatic week with all the buildup surrounding the tournament. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this very well put together preview.

Credit: Raw Rugby


  • andinov
    12:08 PM 28/01/2018

    Sure, it may feel like there is little hope now ... but by the end of the 6 nations, Wales are going to have built themselves a nice little squad heading into the world cup with an impressive mix of new young players and a set of steady old stalwarts. On top of that you'll have a crop of experienced players (hopefully) returning from injury and well rested before the world cup. And as always, from nowhere, Wales will return to the rugby world cup as a dark horse.

  • drg
    6:03 PM 26/01/2018

    Sure, but I figured you may want an explanation as it doesn't look like it's correct if you hadn't seen/heard it before.

  • tphillipsstl
    4:06 PM 26/01/2018

    Huge Welsh Rugby fan here. I would love to say that Wales are being underestimated this year, but the list of injuries is staggering! Webb, Biggar, Priestland, Warburton, Faletau, Lydiate, Ball, Jonathan Davies, Liam Williams. I think sadly the best we can hope for is a top 3 finish. Could be as low as 5th again. It's so disheartening to go into the competition with little to no hope.

  • rugbydump
    10:08 AM 26/01/2018

    "Typo in 'wet your whistle'" would have sufficed, but thanks for the explanation ;)

  • drg
    10:03 AM 26/01/2018

    Just a little info RD, the term "wet your whistle" would mean to quench your thirst, to satisfy for instance.. therefore "wet the appetite" could almost be interpreted as a similar meaning, so as to satisfy and end all quenches... The term "whet the appetite" is actually the original term, with "whet" meaning to sharpen, heighten, etc... Of course you leave yourself open to being questioned about your spelling... Anyhoo, thanks for the vids. ;)


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