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Wednesday Feb 11, 2015

High Intensity Rugby Training Returns - Get 60% Off Until Sunday Midnight GMT

High Intensity Rugby Training Returns - Get 60% Off Until Sunday Midnight GMT

After a quiet release last year, many of you contacted us looking for our highly effective, position specific rugby workout manuals. We’ve decided to bring them back, teaming up yet again with strength & conditioning guru, Kevin ‘Squat Lower’ Shattock.

These position specific programmes appeared on Rugbydump months ago and the popularity and feedback we received was quite overwhelming. So we’ve put a bit more work in and brought them back permanently, and to celebrate, they will be available at 60% off until Sunday at midnight GMT.

*We’ve added the Forwards workouts here, with the Backs lower down and on page two:



  • Explosive scrum engagements
  • Be leaner and get around the pitch
  • Bigger carries around the fringes



        • Develop more fearsome tackles
        • Bigger scrummaging
        • More powerful cleanouts


          Second Row

          • More powerful scrums
          • Put in bigger tackles
          • Become harder to tackle


            Back Row

            • Get to the breakdown faster
            • More devastating tackling
            • Smash your opposite number off the ball

              Why High Intensity Rugby Training?

              #1: You will be receiving professional, rugby-specific strength & conditioning from an expert trainer who has trained national champions, Olympic athletes, and now rugby players like you.

              #2: You will receive a comprehensive training manual with exercises specific to your position which systematically targets muscle groups with key exercises that simulate the demands of a match.

              #3: You will transform your body into that of a conditioned athlete by strategically using meso-cycles to first increase the size of your muscles, then strength, and finally speed and power.

              #4: Your teammates, opponents, coaches, and scouts will immediately take notice and want to know what you’re doing in the gym that is setting you apart from everyone else around you.

              #5: You will develop a reputation as a powerful scrummager, fearsome ball carrier, or elusive runner and become counted on by your team to break open games when the going gets tough.

              We’ve received a lot of positive feedback so far from players who have trained with these programmes and expect to hear a lot more. Remember that the price will go up Sunday at midnight GMT so if you’re thinking about grabbing a copy, now is the time to do it.

              All Backs workout manuals


              Scrum Halves

              • Be more confident in the tackle
              • Make more sniping breaks
              • Build core strength to improve passing


                    Fly Halves

                    • Boost kicking accuracy and distance
                    • More confident tackling
                    • Get faster and exploit more holes


                      Inside and Outside Centers

                      • Become a harder, faster ball carrier
                      • Put in big hit after big hit
                      • Improve speed and agility to become more evasive


                        Wingers and Fullbacks

                        • Improve raw acceleration and top speed
                        • Break more tackles with stronger running
                        • Be a defensive brick-wall to attackers


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