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Thursday Sep 12, 2013

Ian Madigan low blow in painful Impact Gumshield promo video

Ian Madigan low blow in painful Impact Gumshield promo video

Leinster flyhalf Ian Madigan was recently asked to take part in a promo video for Impact Gumshields. The intention was to show how much protection they offer, but it turned out to be one of the most painful gumshield tests you’re likely to see.

Last week James Murphy, co-founder of the company and seen here taking one for the team, popped up on Skype to explain that he was still aching from a video they’d just shot with Madigan.

He said that Madigan was told to go for his face, but was of course, welcome to aim wherever he wanted to. The young Leinsterman didn’t need a second invitation.

His bullet pass, shot on the first take, was perfectly aimed, and that was the end of filming for the day. In fact, that was all they needed to create this great promo video, which since going live has already spread virally across Ireland and now further afield too.

Madigan’s cheeky grin after says it all, and he can be heard saying “I think it was a small bit low”.

WIN YOURSELF AN IMPACT GUMSHIELD! This competition is now closed
While the gumshield test didn’t quite go to plan, the product is great and today we’re giving some away (UK & Ireland only), so to enter and stand a chance of winning, simply do one of the following:

1. Follow @rugbydump and Tweet:
I’ve just entered to win an @impactgumshield after watching this brutal product test! @rugbydump
2. Leave your reaction as a comment below. The best comment will also be entered into the draw.

Visit for more about what they do, which includes dental custom fit gumshields to individuals, schools and clubs throughout Ireland and the UK


  • mastersa
    2:30 PM 17/09/2013

    The next time Leinster ask Madigan to "go get a cup" the might reword.

  • ronan
    3:50 PM 15/09/2013

    fucking brilliant. cant stop laughing.

  • benny
    1:48 PM 13/09/2013

    Definitely planned. His reaction wasn't one of cheeky evil laughter but like he'd done what he was told to do. We wouldn't be watching this if he'd aimed for the face - unless there was blood

  • akared
    9:28 AM 13/09/2013

    It was totally planned, viral marketing at it's best!

  • 2:54 AM 13/09/2013

    Maybe it was planned but madigan still looked like a Dickish jock there. For some reason I can't c Johnny w or bod spinning the ball in their hands after that.

  • strabane
    8:28 PM 12/09/2013

    IMPACT - smile intact!

  • sam00skelo
    7:44 PM 12/09/2013

    Seems like an all round good review... I mean his teeth are perfectly fine... Might want to invest in an impact cup for his wedding tackle!!

  • plough8
    1:29 PM 12/09/2013

    Never ask an Irish man for a 'head' shot......

  • calgray91
    12:59 PM 12/09/2013

    James Murphy stars in "Man getting hit by football." *doing*


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