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Tuesday Jan 28, 2014

Ireland Wolfhounds hang on in face of late England Saxons chances

Ireland Wolfhounds hang on in face of late England Saxons chances

The England Saxons came within inches of possibly snatching victory from the Ireland Wolfhounds but it wasn’t to be as the Irish scored two first half tries to one and prevailed 14-8 in Gloucester on Saturday.

Leinster halfback pairing Isaac Boss and Ian Madigan crossed in the first half, while England’s try came from a Wolfhound mistake, and was snapped up well by young Anthony Watson.

Elliot Daly came within inches of scoring a late try, before Freddie Burns dived over without the ball.

Saxons coach Jon Callard was pleased with the overall effort despite his team not sneaking the win.

“We had four great opportunities in the second half, four great opportunities, from sustained pressure. It’s a credit to the lads that when Ireland turned it over and kicked it down our throats, Rob Miller set off on a counter attack and we were a whisker away from winning it.

“I think potentially out of this group there are numerous options to go forward into the full squad, whether that will happen next week, across the course of the Six Nations or the summer tour, I can’t say,” added Callard.

Ireland Wolfhounds coach Anthony Foley meanwhile said they were relieved to hold off the Saxons.

“We had to hang in there towards the end, but it’s a credit to the players that they did,” he said. “They just stuck at it in fairness to them, right until the end. They knew the week’s work was on the line, and they didn’t let it go to waste.”

Who do you think should make an appearance in their respective senior side this Six Nations?


  • pipo
    3:14 AM 29/01/2014

    yeah, his defence was total shait

  • mastersa
    9:26 PM 28/01/2014

    The game commentary was right on the money. Irish dominated the break down whilst England continued with a wide game that never came off in the conditions. Disappointing to see Ireland needlessly kicking away possession for the last ten minutes of the Game. No lesson being learned.

  • facepalm
    4:04 PM 28/01/2014

    It will be interesting to see if Madigan does to Sexton what Sexton did to O'Gara.

  • 3:37 PM 28/01/2014

    you'd wonder at our (Irish) defence on that side though! Aside from kicking the ball away when you should be holding on to it to see out the win, how could they think it was ok to not leave even 1 guy on cover on the closed side??? Thank god the ball slipped but that makes it more bad luck to the English than well done to us! Would take an ugly win over a loss in the 6ns though! ;)

  • tavish
    3:35 PM 28/01/2014

    Except Ireland and England give their A sides fun names eg, Wolfhounds and Saxons. And the Kiwi's have NZ Moari and there are probably more with names too. Most other A teams are simply called Scotland A, France A, Italy A etc. And Wales do not use an A team. Their under 20s double as their second team.

  • besthookerintown
    3:29 PM 28/01/2014

    Ireland obviously didn't learn anything from the All Blacks match if they kicked possession away again. They'll have to address this before the 6N or we will lose matches again. Apart from that solid performance by the Wolfhounds, really putting pressure on the regulars on the first team!

  • rugbydump
    3:16 PM 28/01/2014

    Pedro, they're like the 'A' teams, the second teams or experimental teams one level below the full Six Nations.

  • pedro
    2:42 PM 28/01/2014

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with these teams. Are they like the Sydney Convicts?


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