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Monday Oct 5, 2015

New Japanese Super Rugby team confirmed as being called The Sunwolves

New Japanese Super Rugby team confirmed as being called The Sunwolves

Japan’s new Super Rugby team has officially been revealed, with the team being called the Sunwolves. They will play their historic first game against the Lions on February 27th in Tokyo. The name represents a pack hunting mentality.

Today’s announcement by Yoshitaka Tashiro, Representative Director of the Japan Super Rugby Association (JRSA), is the product of an initiative that saw the JRSA engage fans from all over the world to help devise an identity for its new team.

The name is a hybrid comprising the blazing icon of the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ and a wolf which represents a pack hunting mentality and a dedicated team ethos of protecting one another.

The striking logo depicts the breaking of a new dawn for Japanese rugby and a fearsome representation of the team’s desired playing style as they seek to utilise speed, unity and a fearless spirit to face their challenges.

SANZAR Interim CEO, Brendan Morris, welcomed the Sunwolves to Super Rugby.

“It gives us great pleasure to welcome the Sunwolves to Super Rugby as they prepare to join our expanded competition alongside the Kings from South Africa and an Argentinean team that will be revealed shortly.

“It’s an exciting time for the sport and also for fans throughout Japan who can start getting behind the brand, identity and ethos of their Super Rugby team. The JRSA did a tremendous job engaging the fans and we look forward to watching the nation get behind this team as it continues to take shape in the coming months.”

The Sunwolves open their inaugural Super Rugby campaign with a clash against the Lions in Tokyo and play their first four matches at home, (including two in Singapore), which was a schedule designed to drive momentum and local support for the team in its all-important formative stages.

Fans are encouraged to visit the teaser site and social media channels which have been launched to a slogan of #BreakTheLine which will be the team’s ethos as it rises to the challenge on the world stage.

Follow the Sunwolves:
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  • jimmy23
    12:32 PM 17/10/2015

    When's the merchandise coming out? Cause I'm loving the Logo

  • drg
    12:09 PM 05/10/2015

    Katman, I made a comment the other day re: Georgia playing the AB's... I would love to be in that Georgia team, just because ANY small part of outplaying is classed as a victory and the chance to play against such amazing players would be incredible. With that in mind, I reckon the Sunwolves are just waiting for the chance to get their teeth into the competition just to make a statement, win or lose. I think Northern Hemisphere teams need something to spice them up a bit... The weather is not exactly inspiring for fast flowing running rugby, but they need to work something out.

  • katman
    11:36 AM 05/10/2015

    Welcome Sunwolves. Pity you're going to lose your first game. But don't lose heart.


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New Japanese Super Rugby team confirmed as being called The Sunwolves | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos