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Friday Feb 8, 2013

Quade Cooper wins first professional fight with first round knockout

Quade Cooper wins first professional fight with first round knockout

Reds flyhalf Quade Cooper won his first professional fight in Brisbane on Friday night with a first-round knockout of insurance salesman Barry Dunnett. The fight was part of the undercard for the Sonny Bill Williams/Francois Botha main event.

The cruiserweight fight was scheduled for four rounds but Cooper, clearly the fitter of the two athletes, came out looking strong and far quicker on his feet. The knockout came with just his second flurry of punches.

Cooper said afterwards that stepping into the ring and knocking down another man was ‘daunting’, but part of what needs to be done in the sport. He also said that he will continue to train and hopes to fight again in future. 

The Reds play their first Super Rugby match against the Brumbies in Canberra on February 15th.

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  • howardtheduck
    2:19 AM 09/02/2013

    Have to agree with practically all the comments above. This first win for Cooper has nothing constructive for his boxing mentality or his technique. His opponent's guard is absurd, practically non existent, and he himself seems can't really take that big of a punch (his opponent tags him in the first 15 seconds and he already takes a wobbled step). What could actually be an advantage for him in this sport are his feet and his quick thinking, but he has to work on speed and combination punching. Final vote? 5.5/10 70% opponent's lacking 30% Cooper victory. QC, you couldn't have asked for an easier first fight.

  • jeppy89
    6:40 PM 08/02/2013

    because as you pretty much said its not as easy as just asking for a fight with those boys. they only fight a handful of times a year, why waste an outing on the likes of rank amateurs....even amateurs can get lucky and then youve wasted however many years of your own training! agree with the earlier comment as well....if they went up against anyone halfway decent with guards like that it would get very ugly, very quickly.

  • benny
    6:36 PM 08/02/2013

    If SBW thought he was the mutt's nuts before the fight, he knows now that he's not. He fought well, better than I expected, but he hopefully realises now that he's not as gifted in boxing as he is in rugby. Time to focus on back-to-back rugby league and union world cups

  • 3:25 PM 08/02/2013

    Can't say I'm a fan of pro rugby players pretending to be pro boxers. They're quite clearly in better physical condition than the amateur boxing opponents (or boxers who are quite clearly past their best!) chosen for them . Boxing is one of the most technically gifted sports there is (despite the brutality involved) and people at the top of the sport train for months (if not years) for a single fight. SBW and Cooper lack any real boxing quality and if they came up against any pro boxer of any quality they would be down and fast. As would a pro boxer who stepped on to the rugby field. Don't mind people doing it as an exhibition or for charity etc... but to try and carve out this boxing persona is just embarrassing. If SBW thinks he's the mutts nutts then why doesn't he step into the ring with somebody like Tyson Fury or even David Haye and we'll see how good he is!

  • stroudos
    3:03 PM 08/02/2013

    Didn't know Cooper was getting in on the act? Looked quite handy, even if the other bloke had his hands wide open to invite that jab. I was slightly less impressed by Cooper's footwork than I usually am. Meanwhile, SBW looked bloody lucky to be awarded his bout on points. Botha practically had him knocked out - if he'd just got out of the way when Williams slumped forward I reckon he'd have gone over.


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