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Wednesday Oct 10, 2018

Quick website changes update

Quick website changes update

We recently upgraded the site and along with that came one or two minor hiccups. The obvious ones were that users were getting logged out regularly, and password reset emails were not being sent. These issues have now been taken care of.

If you’re still experiencing any troubles, please feel free to comment here or drop us a note via the contact form. We will continue to look out for little bugs and update and improve as we go.

Thanks for the patience and understanding.



  •  45678
    5:07 PM 10/10/2018

    Are there regional differences to what is seen on the website? There’s next to no chat in the comments sections, but when you find other related articles there seems to be more? It appears to be just pickay and myself. Where is everyone?

    •  rugbydump
      8:41 AM 11/10/2018

      We definitely had some issues with users being logged out and I'm sure that was frustrating for some. So it might be taking a while to get them back on board


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