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Monday Nov 12, 2012

Scotland vs All Blacks November 2012 - Full Match

Scotland vs All Blacks November 2012 - Full Match

Watch the entire Scotland vs New Zealand Test from Murrayfield

Time: 1:49:18
Credit: Lelostream


  • rugbydump
    10:33 AM 14/11/2012

    @browner, tone it down a notch please.

  • alasdairduncan3
    9:22 PM 12/11/2012

    In my opinion, Scotland are still a great rugby nation, at times their defense is second to none - see most recent wins over Australia/South Africa. I was very happy to see some try scoring ability back in their game with the likes of Visser. Check this page and judge for yourself whether they are performing above or below expectations;

  • pretzel
    8:39 PM 12/11/2012

    Really Browner? I didn't get that impression at all.. The AB's were resting quite a few players, half? I'm not so sure... Why would they also play at "half pace"? Are you suggesting the AB's couldn't really be bothered with the game and allowed Scotland to score 22 points? Would you ACTUALLY let a team score 22 points at you because you were strolling around the pitch? Those guys on the pitch (the few 2nd pick players) had a serious point to prove, not only to Scotland but also to their coach/selector... In my early days of senior rugby (8 odd years ago) I was straight into the 2nd team guaranteed... I played for all I was worth, I was given a few opportunities to play for the 1st team and I played my bollocks off in those matches in order to get selected for the 1sts them next week... Sometimes I did enough to start, sometimes enough to be a sub, sometimes not enough and I was back with the 2's, until I consistently was worth the shirt. Now consider that I play for a medium sized town where numbers are good, but not great... and consider the AB's get to pick out of the entire population of NZ'ers... do you honestly think those guys were out there making up numbers? Truly delusional once again browner...

  • browner
    6:50 PM 12/11/2012

    The ALL blacks were toying with sweatieland ..... at any time they could have raised the game... & half the best players were rested Where do the hapless Jocks go from here.....seriously? , about time it became the 5 Nations again Dig a deep trench & cast the country adrift !!


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