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Tuesday Jan 31, 2017

SKINS compression tights DISCOUNT for Rugbydump fans

SKINS compression tights DISCOUNT for Rugbydump fans

Our friends at SKINS sent us a pair of these brand new K-Proprium compression tights and asked us to try them out. They also wanted us to do the #pistolsquatchallenge.. That was always highly unlikely, but the tights themselves are unique to any other compression tights you’ll find.

Beautifully designed and with reflective logos to ensure visibility, once they’re on they truly do become a second skin. We’ve used them for rugby training in the cold, as well as general gym training, and they come highly recommended.

You can learn more about them on the official page, but as today is the first day of their launch, we’ve organised a 20% discount code for you, the Rugbydump visitor.

As a bonus, the voucher can actually be used on ANY full priced item on their website, so feel free to explore the awesome K-Pros, as well as their other award winning compression gear.

VOUCHER CODE: RUGBYDUMP20 – redeem at checkout on

*code is valid from 1 February 2017 – 14th February 2017


  • danknapp
    3:18 PM 03/02/2017

    Colossal bellend. The belliest of ends. The Anti Bell. If I wore them I'd look like the very worst of humans.

  • drg
    4:46 PM 01/02/2017

    ....As much as I appreciate the discount opportunity, I think those make you look like such a bellend....


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