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Monday Dec 31, 2012

The Best of 2012 - Looking back at another great year of rugby

The Best of 2012 - Looking back at another great year of rugby

Another fantastic year of world rugby has passed and as we enjoy the holiday season and look forward to a big 2013, here is a quick look back at the best of 2012, a special year for the global game.

We have big plans for 2013 and as with the past six years, we’ll continue to strive to bring you top notch coverage of all the best (and sometimes worst) that the global game offers.

There are plans to streamline a few key elements of the site over the next few months, so updates will be made gradually and hopefully you’ll notice a marked improvement.

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A big thanks to all of those who have contributed to the site over the course of the year, and thank you to our old friend Guetteba (Anthony) who put together this excellent video.

Have a very Happy New Year and enjoy the rest of the festive season. Stay safe. Tackle hard.

Which was your most memorable moment of 2012, and what excites you most about 2013?


  • sangdue
    9:41 PM 10/01/2013

    The moment of the year was Scotlands win against Australia in Australia (last time was 1982). That's a bigger moment than the England win over the AB's. I mean England are suppose to have a fighting chance against the All Blacks, not surprising that they'll win from time to time. Scotland is more like giants against hobbits, sometime the smallest team can change the course of the future (note my LOTR reference here...) Question: Why is the biggest hit not mentioned?

  • rocky
    2:30 AM 08/01/2013

    Great video! Thanks RD!

  • kadova
    8:21 PM 06/01/2013

    You never know with the French. They're able to win this 6 Nations. That will also depend on their fitness. Don't forget they play the weekend before the 6 Nations start. And international players are not released as early as they should. Ask Warren Gatland... France didn't win a competition in 2012, but they won 33-6 against Australia in november and that pleased the French supporters more than anything else. PS: Don't think England are the best team in 2013 because they won against an All Black team which were not themselves at times. England should be in a good position, though. They're able to win but nobody will let them do without a good fight :) Happy New Year 2013 everyone !

  • connachtman
    1:05 PM 04/01/2013

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • jimothy
    10:51 AM 03/01/2013

    So being he only team to beat the greatest team (some would say ever) doesn't deserve a mention? RD, I for one am very grateful for all these video's. Maybe those that don't like what you do should cancel their subscriptions and ask for their money back...oh no wait a minute... Guys, RD (I'm guessing) would be more than happy to post the video's you have spent hours of your own time creating....

  • conorl
    3:13 PM 02/01/2013

    To all the people complaining about the lack of French teams in the video: My memory is a little hazy. Remind me again, what exactly did France or any French club actually DO in 2012?? 6 Nations? Nope. Heineken Cup? Nope. This video highlights the WINNERS of the two international tournaments and the biggest club tournament in both hemispheres, as well as the try and player of the year. Throw out the stupid reference to England and it's a damn good video! If you want some French teams in the video next year, maybe they could try actually winning something in 2013!!

  • colombes
    11:47 AM 02/01/2013

    Some rugby forgotten (currie cup, premiership, top14, rabobank, autumn tests) but a quality rugby video. ps: for the trolls who're bitching on the biased side RD and Guetteba, the first is the best rugby blog of the moment, and the second is one of the best rugby video posters and is...french. U can't highlight everything in 3 minutes odd shaped year to everyone

  • barryt
    10:40 PM 01/01/2013

    I seriously hope ashton fucks up that stupid dive one of these days and loses the match for whoever he's playing for, so irritating! Otherwise great vid RD!

  • danielmorgan
    3:20 PM 01/01/2013

    great video, love all of your highlight ones. keep them coming

  • monkey06
    5:38 AM 01/01/2013

    My most memorable moment in 2012 ? Maybe when i saw France play against Australia. Because We (french) wait a long time to see a gameplay like that. And what excite me the most about 2013 ? The Six Nations ! :P et The Heineken Cup with Toulon and Clermont !

  • darabman
    4:57 AM 01/01/2013

    How can you talk about the Heineken Cup upset victory of 2012 and not immediately say Edinburgh v Toulouse?

  • undivided
    3:14 AM 01/01/2013

    Happy New Year! absolutely amazing year of rugby. Looking forward to next year.

  • greased-updeafguy
    8:18 PM 31/12/2012

    And what of the Aviva Premiership winners? Or RaboDirect PRO12?


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