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Thursday May 22, 2014

The Golden Thread - A Poetic Tribute to the Wallabies by Rupert McCall

The Golden Thread - A Poetic Tribute to the Wallabies by Rupert McCall

The Australian Rugby Union have put together this emotionally charged video ahead of the Wallabies’ series against France in June, and leading up to RWC2015. It features a poem by Rupert McCall as we see images of great Wallabies from days past. 

The video encapsulates what it means to Australians to wear and support the golden threads of their country, and aims to reinvigorate the passionate fanbase after a few tough years.

Some unbelievably talented players have worn the Wallaby jersey, from David Campese to Toutai Kefu, John Eales to Tim Horan. These are true legends of the world game and this tribute has been written to remind fans of the meaning and heritage behind the Wallabies.

Three months in the making, renowned Australia author and poet Rupert McCall has created a piece that is sure to spark the flames of pride for fans in the lead up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

It’s a great idea and perhaps a template of sorts that could work well with other countries too. As we head toward to the showcase event, we’re sure to see many more of these types of videos.

Some former Wallabies including Tim Horan, Al Baxter, Phil Waugh and Richard Harry speak about their reactions to the video on page two, and you can also read a full text version of the poem.

There’s a moment when it dawns on me…
When instinct intervenes
And, despite all the distractions…
I feel sure of what it means
When the chance lies right in front of me…
The hard work all behind
And the reason why I’m standing here…
Is easily defined
Everything that constitutes
My most important goal
Everything inherent
In my heart and in my soul
When I look towards that jersey
When I see its golden thread
When the honour of a great tradition
Pushes me ahead…
I will take my given talents
To the contest that I love
I will prize the opportunity
And fight to rise above
I will know that special moment
With a spirit like no other
I will walk the path of Wallabies
Together with my brothers

There’s a moment when it lights me up
I’m standing in the crowd
My adrenalin is surging
My predicament is proud
When the arms are linked together
And the voices young and free
When I feel the jersey call me
From this mighty golden sea
In its lustre, lies the legend
Built on battles fought before
In its fabric, flies a fire
Born of gladiators yore
Ghosts of humble inspiration
Who would go to any length
And its aura stitched together
By their courage and their strength
Now another player pulls it on
Continuing the fight!
With another chapter calling…
History’s pen is poised to write
For the boy of beaming fathers
For the son of cheering mothers
We will roar the path of Wallabies
Who take the field as brothers!

There’s a moment when I close my eyes
Remembering the kid
How the will to be a Wallaby
Fuelled everything he did
In the ink of every autograph
That sparkled in his eye
On the brink of every re-enacted
Famous backyard try!
Every family-driven journey
 Heaping praise and lending steam
Every junior rugby weekend morning
Dew-soaked grass roots dream!
Every drop of perspiration
That was sacrificed to strive
Every ounce of aspiration
Just to keep that dream alive
Then the triumph of a phone call
Unbelievably surreal!
‘You’ll be playing for your country’
Now you know the jersey’s feel
And its golden thread empowers
When the realisation smothers
You will walk the path of Wallabies
Together with your brothers

Now the moment is approaching
As this destiny draws near
Every core of my commitment
Every hope and every fear
Every vein within my body
Every passion that I’ve bled
It all flows in the fibre
Of its sacred golden thread
I’m prepared to go the distance
I’m a keeper of the flame
When I wear this suit of armour
They will know my family’s name!
This is everything I dreamt of!
It’s a pride that lifts me higher
When we go, we go together
With a licence to inspire!
And deep within, we know it
We can outshine all the others
When we take the field as Wallabies…
And play the game as brothers

Rupert McCall 2014


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