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Thursday Mar 21, 2013

Waisale Serevi talks about THAT classic try at the 2007 Hong Kong Sevens

Waisale Serevi talks about THAT classic try at the 2007 Hong Kong Sevens

The 2013 Hong Kong Sevens kicks off tomorrow so to get you in the mood here is a look back at a thrilling moment from a great match in 2007. We first posted it after it happened, but the IRB have since got the great man himself to chat about it.

Believe it or not the Fijian legend was 38 years-old when he scored this sensational try. Perhaps you can believe it with the speed he moved at, but he still managed to beat numerous players on his way to helping Fiji reach the final with a 21-12 victory over New Zealand.

“Fiji and New Zealand are always competitive on the field,” said Serevi.

“I can remember that year when the score was close. I was just counting, one will tackle, one will get the ball, they need one guy. I was running from post to post, and was yelling ‘get it get it’.

“When I took the ball I saw two New Zealand players. I stepped one, and then stepped the second and just ran. They thought I will pass so I dummied and went again.

“Then I passed, he stepped, I went behind him, and he passed back. I ran like I was running from Fiji to Australia, I was so tired. It was a great game but it felt good when I scored the try.”

Fiji went on to lose to Samoa in the final, but that try was all everyone could talk about.

“When Fiji meets New Zealand in rugby Sevens, the earth moves,” said the great Keith Quinn.

View our original post and a longer version of the try (with build up and replays), here

Time: 2:23
Credit: IRB



  • cheyanqui
    11:51 PM 25/03/2013

    Funny how they replay the touchdown about four times and they edit out the Tomasi Cama, Jr. splashdown on Serevi at the end. The IRB must think that it doesn't sell the "product" all that well to show Cama's late shot, and the little scuffle that came of it.

  • sankeor
    2:12 AM 22/03/2013

    Can somebody tell me if there's any international rugby sevens championship applying the league rules (rolling back the ball after every tackle, etc) ?

  • stroudos
    12:19 AM 22/03/2013

    I think that's Semisi Naevo just after 2:00 telling him to stop pissing about - absolute monster that bloke, saw him in real life once, farking huuuge. The look of fear on Serevi's face at that point was not the realisation that he not in fact home and dry yet; it was the idea of getting pummelled by Naevo if he got tackled while showboating.

  • guy
    10:58 PM 21/03/2013

    Totally agree with browner! (PS if Ashton did anything like that we wouldn't hear the end of it ;-)

  • browner
    7:58 PM 21/03/2013

    7's Legend & true showboating genius !


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Waisale Serevi talks about THAT classic try at the 2007 Hong Kong Sevens | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos