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Thursday Jun 13, 2013

WIN a copy of iOS game Rugby Nations 13

WIN a copy of iOS game Rugby Nations 13

Rugby Nations 13, a full rugby simulation mobile game, has just been launched on iPhone, iPod Tough and iPad and is now available in the Apple Appstore. Today we’re giving away five copies, as well as sharing more info and the trailer for it.

Following from the highly popular Rugby Nations 11 game, Rugby Nations 13 features a whole new gameplay and graphics engine and many new features that true rugby fans are sure to appreciate.

The pioneering Phoenix™ engine delivers the most authentic visual presentation of rugby ever experienced on iOS. Motion-captured animations, highly-detailed players and breathtaking stadiums bring the match to life like never before.

Realistic AI developed with professional rugby players lets you show your skills in all areas of the game, including box kicking, pick and go, drop goals, offloads, new scrum and lineout mechanics and much more.

20 teams representing the world’s most accomplished rugby nations and a full set of exhilarating tournaments, including the new additions Pacific Cup, 4 Nations and Americas Cup.

Rugby Nations 13 is available to download at the Appstore now

WIN A COPY OF RUGBY NATIONS 13 – UPDATE: Entries have no closed

To stand a chance of winning one of five copies, do the following:

Make sure you’ve registered and logged in with your RD account, then leave a comment below (registered users only), letting us know what you’re most looking forward to about the game.

You can also tweet @rugbydump to enter, including the hashtag #rugbynations13

Good luck! Below is an official trailer for Rugby Nations 13

Entries close Friday 21 June 2013. Winners will be drawn at random. You may enter both here and on twitter


  • rugbydump
    3:37 PM 11/07/2013

    Thanks for all the entries. The winners have been drawn and contacted. Enjoy the game!

  • joshuasmith
    8:17 PM 20/06/2013

    I am looking forward to playing with modern players with top of the range controls, graphics and tactics! Playing with teams, players and country's across the world! It will give me something to do when not training or watching rugby! I've been waiting too long for this game to arrive!

  • rickmiddleton
    4:28 PM 20/06/2013

    Rugby Nations 13...what a great start to the rugby season!

  • aaronhughes93
    3:38 PM 20/06/2013

    Very much looking forward to Rugby Nations 13.. finally an IOS game that looks good and well made!

  • merlinho
    3:37 PM 20/06/2013

    Looks like a cracking game, really looking forward to playing as the Lions!

  • afeeqaoki
    3:11 PM 20/06/2013

    I am looking forward to get this Rugby Nations 13! seriously i want this in my phone so that i could play it every sec! The experience playing using mobile would be different to reality and it would be glad to get this game on my phone!

  • mr_shankly
    3:07 PM 20/06/2013

    Looking forward to bringing home another Welsh grandslam.

  • chrismtl
    3:06 PM 20/06/2013

    Looking forward to having a rugby game I can take around with me. That and showing it off to all my teammates.

  • peislander
    5:08 PM 19/06/2013

    I'm looking forward to beating the All Blacks playing as Canada.

  • stix
    5:01 PM 17/06/2013

    I'm looking forward to seeing how well it plays - I love rugby and it would be great to play it on the go!

  • zipguntwo
    7:40 AM 17/06/2013

    Great to finally have a rugby simulator that stand shoulder to shoulder with all the grid iron and soccer games - looking forward to it!

  • zaninator98
    12:30 PM 15/06/2013

    Me, a boy from switzerland, has no chance to play any rugby here, because that sport is here really unpopular sport, but i LOVE IT. So I'm not specially looking forward for something, I only want to play rugby and would be so glad to get one of theses copies!

  • remus
    11:40 AM 15/06/2013

    Looking forward to have rugby mobile experience...

  • lynxvz
    2:03 AM 15/06/2013

    Really hoping to finaly find a amazing rugby game .. I've been waiting for it for years. Maybe i'll find it someday.. (what about tomorrow ;) ? )

  • finnh98
    7:17 PM 14/06/2013

    looks like a pretty class game, hope i win :)

  • ferrari333sp
    5:02 PM 14/06/2013

    I'm most looking forward to this game to help make every boring moment I encounter into one filled with high pressure intensity, hard tackles, and amazing tries.

  • spicksandspecks
    4:33 PM 14/06/2013

    I live in Cairo, not exactly a rugby capital, so I'm looking forward to playing rugby on my phone so I don't have to wait for heaven.

  • alexhilton
    2:34 PM 14/06/2013

    looking forward to having a good excuse for when i'm asked why i've done no work

  • fat_boy
    1:19 PM 14/06/2013

    Looking forward to the kind of dazzling through the backline on screen that my former single digit playing number (or my 17 stone!) would never have allowed.

  • memberbenefits
    11:58 AM 14/06/2013

    Git some!

  • getarep
    4:52 AM 14/06/2013

    Hmm very interesting

  • mark654321
    1:10 AM 14/06/2013

    Looks freakin sweet

  • thepumas123
    11:47 PM 13/06/2013

    Im looking forward to obtain this game and play the American Cup!

  • getitout
    11:22 PM 13/06/2013

    Glad it wasnt just me thinking it!

  • mfparla
    10:38 PM 13/06/2013

    The new gameplay looks awesome, so Im looking foward to try it!!!!

  • zaninator98
    9:42 PM 13/06/2013

    Yeah! Finally a new one! As great Rugbyfan I can't miss that one, and I'm awaiting great matches in summer holidays;)

  • klodi13
    9:42 PM 13/06/2013

    I look forward to learning more about rugby and play a game about rugby.

  • bnations
    9:12 PM 13/06/2013

    I'm looking forward to being able to play *any* rugby game at all. They're not that thick on the ground here in the USA :-)

  • tickler
    7:52 PM 13/06/2013

    Look forward to being able to have a get a decent virtual rugby fix on the move!

  • northcottl
    7:46 PM 13/06/2013

    I look forward to being able to play on my 1 hour commute back and from work.

  • frontrowgenius
    7:42 PM 13/06/2013

    I look forward to repeatedly high-tackling chris ashton

  • ngranum08
    7:35 PM 13/06/2013

    I am looking forward to a rugby game that is realistic. I am excited for this game because I played in college and the closest team to me now is 1.5hrs away so no more playing.

  • djonzilla
    7:28 PM 13/06/2013

    I'm just looking forward to any rugby game because in my country (Belgium) rugby isn't a really well known sport. Sow it would be lovely if i could get this game sow i can enjoy rugby even more then i do now.

  • jcharles
    7:24 PM 13/06/2013

    Oh and one more thing, I'm looking towards his game because it looks like so much fun and I've trying to play rugby games lately and nothing is working but this one I can feel it, I can feel its going to be epic and awesomely amazing

  • jcharles
    7:21 PM 13/06/2013

    I'm looking towards the speed of the players, especially the wingers and also I love how it look like they have so many controls in this one so that's also something to look forward to see how much of the game can I control, lastly I'm looking towards winnings everything

  • tigsmaw
    7:18 PM 13/06/2013

    So pumped for this game. Winning a copy here is the only way I can get my hands on a copy as rugby still hasn't made it mainstream in Canada

  • upthelowend
    6:52 PM 13/06/2013

    I'd love to play a decent rugby video game for the first time.

  • coursier
    6:49 PM 13/06/2013

    Looks way better than many of the other rugby games before. The point of view is way better.

  • wdawg
    6:47 PM 13/06/2013

    im hoping its going to be the first good rugby for xbox 360

  • juandz
    6:39 PM 13/06/2013

    I'm looking forward to see the real life players in the game.

  • carlospt
    6:26 PM 13/06/2013

    Seems quite improved RUGBY NATIONS 13! Looking forward to get the ball in my hands!

  • daz_k
    6:26 PM 13/06/2013

    Need to get my hands of a few games since I finished the leaving. Looking forward to rugby game to keep me amused for hours

  • andyjdickson
    6:24 PM 13/06/2013

    Looking forward to playing for Ireland (only way Ill get nearly the covetted green jersey). And also only way Ill ever get out of the front row union...

  • carlospt
    6:22 PM 13/06/2013

    Seems quite improved RUGBY NATIONS 13! Looking forward!

  • rebels-lachie
    6:10 PM 13/06/2013

    Looking forward to a new rugby game at last, I wanna see how David Pocock is playing provided he still isn't in real life!

  • piti
    6:09 PM 13/06/2013

    I am looking forward to the game since i want to learn the rules of rugby, thank you!

  • nixx7
    5:53 PM 13/06/2013

    Looking forward to a realistic game with great graphics and the look of set pieces is awesome!

  • kolozius
    5:51 PM 13/06/2013

    Stopped rugby temporarily for studies, would LOVE to experience the game without spending too much physical tests during my breaks!

  • finucane95
    5:36 PM 13/06/2013

    Looking forward to something different!

  • wiked
    5:33 PM 13/06/2013

    I am looking forward to the game as i currently can not play physically! hahahahaha

  • bas-t-mac123
    4:51 PM 13/06/2013

    I am most looking forward to having a game with realistic controls that allows you to play the game as it is. I have the 2011 version of the game and i found it restricted and i cant wait to be let loose and control the line outs and scrums (im a lock :p)


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