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Monday Jan 30, 2017

2017 Six Nations: The Journalists' Preview

2017 Six Nations: The Journalists' Preview

Ahead of this year’s Six Nations kickoff, we hear from a number of top northern hemisphere rugby writers, as Nick Heath gets their thoughts on various elements of the championship. It sets the scene nicely for what should be a fascinating month ahead.

Sharing their feelings on the much loved tournament are top rugby writers from the UK, Ireland and France, namely Alex Lowe, Alex Spink, Mick Cleary, Nick Mullins, Ben Coles, Murray Kinsella, Rob Kitson, Chris Jones, Owain Jones and Simon Valzer.

The various talking points have been listed below, but feel free to share your thoughts too! Watch the videos and leave your viewpoint in the comments if you fancy weighing in on the discussion.

The Championship
The contributors talk about what the famous Championship means to them

The Winners 
Predictions are made!

The Fixtures
Which fixtures look to be the most appealing?

The Debutants
Which newcomers will stand to make a big impact this year?

The Surprises
Thoughts on what surprises might be in store for this year’s tournament

The Main Players
In the final part the preview, the guys consider the potential players of the Championship

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts, and of course to Rugby Media’s Nick Heath


  • reality
    9:31 AM 02/02/2017

    I think he's saying that the journalist in question is talking crap. Wales have been terrible lately, as evidenced by them scraping past Japan and being soundly beaten, as always, by NZ and Aus. A hollow victory over a politically correct South Africa team (for the first time in countless attempts) doesn't change that.

  • stroudos
    7:40 PM 01/02/2017

    You heard it here first mate! :)

  • oliver
    10:47 AM 01/02/2017

    second place would be a big step forward for les Bleus...hope you're right!

  • rugbydump
    8:42 AM 01/02/2017

    Thanks for the feedback. All credit to Nick for his top work!

  • stroudos
    7:27 AM 01/02/2017

    I'm not sure which way you're arguing this DrG? Do you mean he should be giving Wales more respect? OK, maybe, but they just squeaked past Argentina and Japan in the autumn, and were summarily dispatched by NZ and Australia, OK they beat South Africa but so did Italy... If you're saying they were not strong, well second place last year would suggest otherwise. But while we're in the trolling zone, here's my prediction for the final standings: 1. England (Not a GS though) 2. France 3. Ireland 4. Scotland 5. Italy 6. Wales

  • stroudos
    6:44 AM 01/02/2017

    Interesting to put a face to the name of Nick Mullins - one of the few TV commentators who don't make me want to throw the remote control at the TV. Bloody hell though, Cleary's aged a lot since I last saw him on camera.....

  • drg
    10:53 AM 31/01/2017

    Mick Cleary "...And uh, Wales have been strong" AAHAHAHAHAHAHAH can anyone find any more videos of this guys hilarious journalist trolling. He's classic, is he doing a tour sometime?

  • krip
    10:35 AM 31/01/2017

    RD this is one of the best pieces of rugby journalism I've ever seen online. Pure class! Thank you!


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