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Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

Let's get Rugby in the Olympics

Let's get Rugby in the Olympics

Let's get Rugby in the Olympics

With the eyes of the world currently on Beijing, it makes one wonder just what kind of exposure and growth could be achieved if Rugby were on display. Having the top players of your country having a crack at Gold would be fantastic. The IRB are calling out to all players and supporters to spread the message that Rugby needs to be re-included in the Olympic movement, with Sevens being perfectly suited to it.

While there has been an abundance of criticism for the IRB of late, namely around the

ELV discussions

, this Olympic drive is sure to get the support of every rugby fan, with the mutual love of the game being the driving factor behind us contributing to getting Rugby on a greater world stage.

Sevens is the fastest growing form of the game, with 32 National Teams taking place in the IRB Sevens World Series this year, 2008. All you have to do is watch one leg of the World Series and you will be amazed at the teams that are on display, and the quality they provide. It’s the game for all, and is the ultimate stepping stone towards accelerated growth and popularity of truly global proportions.

Since 1924, when the USA won the Gold Medal, we haven’t seen Rugby in the Olympics. Now is the time to change all that, as the IOC are committed to having 28 sports in the 2016 Olympics. Rugby is on a shortlist that includes softball, karate, golf and roller sports. Rugby’s merits for inclusion in terms of its Olympic history and its reach as a global sport are obvious.

Rugby World Cup is the pinnacle for Fifteens. Olympic inclusion would mean that Sevens ultimate stage would be the Olympic Games.

The IOC will vote on which sports to include in the Olympic Games in Copenhagen, Denmark in October 2009. To assist in the IRBs ambition of getting Sevens back in the Olympics by 2016, you can go to

and Register there to give your feedback. For more information about the drive, and if you have trouble registering on the IOC site, the IRB has provided instructions



This emotive video gets the message across perfectly, showing us that Rugby is indeed deserving of a spot on the Olympic roster. Please leave a comment to let us know your thoughts. Let’s make a difference. Lets get Rugby in the Olympics.




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