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Tuesday Jan 2, 2018

New simplified rugby law book launched for 2018

New simplified rugby law book launched for 2018

Today sees the launch of World Rugby’s new simplified law book, in a move that hopes to improve the global understanding of the sport, while enhancing accessiblity, without altering the laws themselves.

Almost two years of work reportedly went into the change, as rugby’s much maligned complicated laws explanations have been cut down by as much as 42 per cent.

It claims to be ‘more logically laid out and clearer in its explanations, with various repetitions and contradictions removed’.

The lawbook can presently be accessed in three languages at and downloaded via the iTunes App store.

“As our game continues to grow around the world, we continue to strive to make the sport as accessible to all,” said World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont.

“The laws can be difficult to understand for new participants and fans and the new law book goes a long way towards simplifying it and making it easier to understand for players, coaches, referees and the viewing public.”

The Law Simplification Group consisted of: 

Mark Harrington (World Rugby Head of Technical Services and club head coach), Tappe Henning (Scottish Rugby Union Referee Manager and former international referee), Dr Ross Tucker (sports scientist), Rod Hill (former New Zealand Rugby Referee Manager), Chris Cuthbertson (Chairman RFU Laws Committee), James Fitzgerald (former World Rugby Media Manager and former international referee), Adam Pearson (web designer/illustrator).

“This project has been a truly collaborative effort with every union given the opportunity to contribute. I believe what they have produced will make a big difference to the game as we seek to make rugby even more accessible to all,” added Beaumont.

The new law book will shortly be printed and distributed in multiple languages.



  • reality
    1:39 PM 03/01/2018

    I like the laughable, politically correct thing of having women on the cover rather than men, in a sport where the men's version counts for 99% of global interest. Hopefully inside the book there will be lots of mention of various skin colours, ethnicity and sexual orientation too.


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