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Tuesday Mar 8, 2011

Republic of Telly - An Anthem for Rugby

Republic of Telly - An Anthem for Rugby

Republic of Telly - An Anthem for Rugby

Every now and then things get a little serious in the world of rugby. That usually happens after a weekend of controversial calls or closely fought games. Once in a while we need a poke in the ribs to put a smile on our faces, so this video will hopefully do just that.

It’s a viral video which serves as an ad for a comedy show on Irish television called The Republic of Telly on tv station RTE. It features the comedy group Dead Cat Bounce, as they do their take on the sport of rugby.

The skit includes former Ireland international hooker Shane Byrne, along with former Kiwi rugby player and current tv pundit and host, Brent Pope.

I’m sure we all know the saying ‘

If we can’t laugh at ourselves, then what can we laugh at?

‘ That pretty much sums up this video, and the reason I’m posting it. So while it makes a mockery of rugby and hints at other activities underfoot, it’s all in good fun and is worth checking out.

If you’re a tad homophobic and struggle with that kind of humour, rather don’t watch.




  •  gnoballib

    I can't believe people actually like this I think its disgraceful and not humorous at all ... Feels like a slap in the face .

  •  trousersnake31

    This video is hilarious, it has inspired me to make more music videos


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