Thursday Sep 22, 2011

The Taking Down of Jamie Roberts - Part 2

The Taking Down of Jamie Roberts - Part 2

On the weekend we posted the first in the three part series of The Taking Down of Jamie Roberts, a short feature that serves as a bit of a tribute to the Welshman who, by all accounts, barely puts a foot wrong. Tim Warwood sets out to find out the truth. 

In Part one we saw that Jamie’s teamates and family struggled to say a bad thing about him. Today we find out that he’s also a hit with his mates, having kept some of his friends from school days and remained down to earth, despite his reputation as one of the best centers in world rugby.

Docter (almost) Roberts forms part of a strong midfield combo, alongside Jonathan Davies. The partnership has had it’s critics however, with some stating that they’re too similar to be a genuine threat. Davies dismissed that claim earlier in the week.

“To say we are too similar, I wouldn’t say that was the case. We are both pretty physical, but can be subtle at times. We are working on getting a complete partnership.

“Test match rugby is all about getting momentum and go-forward on the ball. We are developing that and working to bring other people into the game,” said Davies.

While he’s looking in great form currently, Roberts has shunned all the praise. “I am fed up with people asking me about the 2009 form, it’s not about that. It is about taking each game as it comes and just enjoying it,” he said.

“I am enjoying playing with a smile on my face and just doing my part for the team.” Let’s see if our Tim can find any weaknesses off the field.

If you missed it before, you can view Part 1 from the Related Posts link below the video.



  •  flyingpepper

    agree, happy to watch almost anything to do with rugby, and a fan of Jamie Roberts. But the host almost makes it unwatchable

  •  stroudos

    I think these would have been awesome if they were produced just after the 2009 Lions Tour. Releasing them in the middle of the world cup just seems a bit odd, notwithstanding the fact that Roberts is having a brilliant tournament so far. Amusing enough, just seems to be strange timing.

  •  welshosprey

    The host is annoying as hell

  •  adamk

    Ugh, very poor production/short... I hate that kind of 'forced-funny'... Having said that I think Jamie Roberts is one of the world's best 12s... Top notch bloke too! More Roberts and Hook midfield madness please!

  •  moddeur

    I liked the first episode a lot more, but just like "tin whistle" above, seeing as I'm a huge rugby fan, I'll watch anything with a "rugby" label and cheer with enthusiasm!


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  • I think I'm missing the point of these videos.. neither insightful or amusing.. But saying that I'm a huge rugby fan. I'd watch any crap if rugby is mentioned at least once in it. Cheers RD keep it up... christ I even watched Invictus.

  •  juggernauter

    Haha brilliant stuff... I think Robert's on an upward curve of performances, he was inmense for the Lions in SA and of course that is hard to match, but he hasn't had the second season syndrome that affected, for example, the likes of Rob Kearney. I think it's vital to have a strong ball carrier at 12 as Roberts is, maybe he should improve his kicking game a bit... I'd play him at 13 along with Hook at 12, to have that creativity - power combo, with Davies on the bench. But in order to do that Byrne has to be on top form! Cheers

  •  rugbydump

    Please feel free to share your thoughts on the episode, or on the Davies/Roberts midfield combo.


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